Kontera ContentLinks / MIVA InLine Plugin

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This plugin facilitates Kontera ContentLinks or MIVA InLine ads. Once configured the ads are added automatically. This plugin will work with both WordPress and WordPress MU in the case of WordPress MU it allows the Site Administrator to configure revenue sharing.

Revision History:

version 1.0 Original Release
version 1.1 Made plugin identifier functions universal for all plugins
version 1.2 Added functions to stub to identify current available release.
Adjusted options page to display.
Fixed missing __CLASS__ constant for versions of PHP older than 4.3.0. Fixed issue with PHP5 installs.
version 1.3 Added support for WordPress MU. Fixed version notification.
version 2.0 Now uses the Plugin Helper Class.
version 2.1 Now supports MIVA InLine.
Note: I have changed the plugins name to reflect this.
version 2.2 Made an option to remove the hidden links signature.
version 2.3 Made an signature options global.


  1. Copy the file rjs-dynamicontext.php to the WordPress plugins directory on your server, (%WORDPRESS PATH%/wp-contents/plugins/ or for WordPress MU %WORDPRESS MU PATH%/wp-contents/mu-plugins/).
  2. You will then need to activate the plugin from the WordPress administration plugins page.
  3. Adjust the options as necessary.
  4. Add javascript from Kontera into the configuration.
    Kontera DynamiContext Plugin Configuration Screen


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